Kaft   Marcel van Herpen
Correctors of this book: Adri van den Brand, Wilma van Esch, Lambert van der Ven, Liesbeth Spigt, Angela Bosch, Annemarie van den Broek, Anne van Hees, Ingrid van Reede van Oudtshoorn, Hanni van Herpen, Mathieu Bosch and Louis van de Burgt.
Translation: Nel van den Elzen
All that is possible was done too make the information in this book as correct and topical as can be. The rightful claimant or publisher cannot be held responsible for possible drawbacks which readers might experience by potential inaccuracies in the book.
“Step out of the shade and walk into the sun”
Refrain : “Out of the shade” by I-O-S
This book has been realized with the help of Fontys college
Antwerp - Apeldoorn - Garant 2008
ISBN 978-90-441-2338-8
NUR 840
Layout: Vincent van Brink, GP, Fontys Hogescholen
Photos: Marcel van Herpen
Photo author : Wim Roefs
Illustrations page. 81: Jan Lieffering
Photo Marco V, page 12: Michel Mees
Photos pp. 159-160: Duco de Vries
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