Sustainable Educating and Developing has a relationship with Socially Justified Enterprises. SJE is a way of governing and carrying out by which the enterprise as a whole improves in quality and the costs decrease. On the one hand the organization exerts itself to prevent abuses, damage to the environment and illegal acting and on the other hand it does its best to improve its processes continually together with its stakeholders. In this way SJE demands attention for the 3 P’s: People, Planet, Profit. In this book three developments are justified:
1. Developing ecologically justified

To get sight on the ‘planet’.

2. Developing socially justified

In order to define ‘profit’ not just as gain.

3. Developing personally justified

To give ‘people’ tools to be the engine themselves of constructive processes. Each justification starts from a number of assumptions. These will be given beforehand every time.

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